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Welcome to Oak Haven!

I’m delightRuthi Fern 4.14.jpged to welcome you and your /child to Oak Haven, a private preschool in La Grande, Oregon. It is a privilege to provide this environment for exploration and growth and to have your child as a member of our learning community. Each child is valued as a unique individual and is nurtured as he or she develops on his or her own timeline. The curriculum is based on the philosophies and practices of Montessori and Reggio Emilia and there is a strong emphasis on connecting children with nature. We study the Earth every day and the children become familiar with the oceans, continents, and various cultures around the world. We explore actions that will make a difference in our own small way in caring for the planet, its animals, and its plants. This year we are excited to continue our once a week visit to Avella Orchard. Children will be outdoors, rain, snow, or shine, and have the opportunity for free exploration of historic fruit trees and native plants.

All areas of the curriculum are taught and children are supported as they learn concepts and skills in early math and emergent literacy. There are many materials which allow the children to develop their sensory discrimination and tasks that allow children to use the tools and implements from our daily lives. Units of study are developed that emerge from the children’s interests, and there are many opportunities for music, movement, art, creativity, projects, experiments, constructions, and play throughout our time together. Your child’s emotional well-being is paramount, and we prioritize providing a loving environment in which your child feels welcome, happy, and secure. We understand the importance of offering each child a stimulating learning environment in which the imagination is honored, problem-posing, and problem solving are encouraged and supported, and collaboration and kindness are the focus of how we conduct ourselves and build relationships. At Oak Haven, we provide a caring, engaging learning context for your child in which the whole brain and whole body are nurtured.

We value your input and involvement at Oak Haven. We are happy to welcome you as a visitor or volunteer and you are invited to share your expertise and interests with us. We look forward to an exciting, fun year of learning and inquiry! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions, concerns and suggestions!

All the best,

M. Ruth Davenport, Ph.D.

Head of School

541-663-1528,  541-805-4972




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