Oak Haven School

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Health and Safety

Please make sure you include your child’s vaccination records in his or her Registration Packet. Also, it is essential that your emergency contact information be kept current.


Please don’t bring an ill child to school.  If  your child contracts any communicable diseases (pink eye, flu, chicken pox, etc.), please contact Ruthi immediately so she can inform the other families.  If your child becomes ill during school, you will be called. Please pick him or her up within one hour.

Non-serious Accidents

Minor abrasions will be cleaned with water and bandaged. Parents will be notified at pickup time if an incident has occurred.

Bathroom Use

Our intention is to help children transition to independence, but to offer as much support as is required. If requested, a teacher will accompany a child to the bathroom to help only as needed. Children have had success with potty training prior to enrollment. We do understand that accidents will still happen.


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