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Social Conduct, Birthdays, etc.

Social Conduct

At Oak Haven, it is important that teachers and children treat each other with mutual respect. We support the children in social problem solving, and developing self-esteem, independence, and empowerment. If a child exhibits disruptive behavior, he or she will be invited to consider the current learning context, bringing attention to the bigger picture of the environment. If the behavior continues, the child will be given two warnings, then on the third instance, the child is asked to step away from the group momentarily and to return when he or she is ready to participate in a more focused manner.  This usually happens in less than a minute, and the child is joyfully welcomed back to the group. We also teach conflict resolution and negotiation skills within the context of social interactions and friendships through “The Peace Table.”


We love to celebrate birthdays at Oak Haven! On your child’s birthday, parents are welcome to bring a healthy snack. It is an Oak Haven tradition that the Birthday Boy or Girl gives a book to the school, which Ruthi will inscribe with a note about the child’s birthday, and keep on Oak Haven’s shelves for other children to read. This special day is also marked by the child making a bead necklace that represents the months of his or her life. The class then sings our You’ve Been Around the Sun [4] Times  birthday song to the child as he or she walks around our “sun” while holding a small globe.


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