Oak Haven School

Experience Joy and Success in Learning


Mathematics                 [image]

We introduce simple, practical uses of mathematics and help children learn numbers, practice counting, and develop an understanding of the base ten system. We focus on the exploration of measurement and the use of numbers in our daily lives.


Art and Music                [image]
Art is an important means through which children express their feelings and ideas. We have time each day for making discoveries with various types of art media, as well as for exploring rhythm, pitch, and volume through song, dance and the opportunity to play a variety of different musical instruments.


Play, Movement and Quiet Time              [image]
Play and movement are critical aspects of a child’s development. Allowing children time for free play to create their own activities promotes social skills, verbal skills, creativity, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills. We provide a time in the “Play Space”each week, where children are encouraged to move, stretch, engage with blocks and other toys, and to play pretend. We have children engage in a deep breathing time several times each day, to quiet the body and mind. This helps children learn the benefits of stillness and silence to balance our busy lives.


Sensory Development and Practical Life Skills           [image]
Sensorial materials help children develop and practice discrimination in the various senses, as they explore size, color, weight, height, smell, and sound. We also provide opportunities for children to do real world work, such as fastening buttons or opening locks with keys, and to use real tools, such as tweezers or pliers. These tasks help children gain a sense of order and productivity, and they also develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


Literacy        [image]
At Oak Haven we nurture early readers and writers through a variety of hands-on materials and practices. Some of these emergent literacy and writing practices include: reading aloud daily, helping children act out stories, storytelling, scribing the children’s dictated language, helping children draw and discuss their work, and supporting children as they build words with the moveable alphabet, trace sandpaper letters, make books, and use markers and pencils.


Language, Culture and Diversity          [image]
Ruthi is bilingual in Spanish, and she will be speaking with the children in Spanish off and on throughout the morning. Each morning we sing a Good Morning song in several languages. We study different cultures from every continent, including music, art, folk tales, dances, and beliefs. We discuss the terrain, plants, and animals of each continent we are studying.

Oak Haven does not have religious affiliation; our practice is to foster an awareness of the diversity of faiths from around the world. Additionally, we choose to focus on seasonal changes rather than religious holidays. Throughout the year, we have discussions about skin color, individuals with different abilities, homelessness, race, and stereotype gender roles. We teach children many songs in sign language, and during snack time, they ask for their snacks using sign language.


Science          [image]
We study each of the major animal groups, we have a plant study area, and we have units of study and experiments in areas such as water, magnets, light, and color.



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