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Meet Our Teachers

Dr. M. Ruth Davenport Ruthi. 4.16.jpg

Dr. Davenport brings to Oak Haven over 30 years of experience as a teacher and teacher educator. Her doctorate is in Reading Education, she holds a lifetime Reading Specialist Certification, and she has been a licensed classroom teacher in grades 2-6. While not certified in Montessori, she has Montessori training and she taught in a bilingual Montessori-based preschool for 7 years. Her 19-year career at the university level was primarily in teacher education, emergent literacy, reading assessment, and elementary education. Her first love as a teacher has always been preschool children, and at Oak Haven, she comes full circle and returns to her passion as an early childhood educator.


 Jennifer Collins   

Before joining Oak Haven’s teaching team last year, Jen spent 3 years at a local private school as a teaching assistant and substitute teacher. The last half of the school year she also took on an administrative role, as well as continuing with other duties. She has also served as the PTF president at her children’s school for a year and a half. In that role, she enjoyed putting on numerous fundraisers and events. For the past 14 years she has been involved in many different learning experiences with children.  She has enjoyed volunteering in classrooms,  tutoring children in various disciplines, and designing after school programs. One of her greatest experiences has been teaching and learning with her own children, ages 4, 6 and 8. Children have always been a passion of Jen’s, and she is honored to be able to work with them, while gaining so much in return.






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