Oak Haven School

Experience Joy and Success in Learning

Daily Schedule

Four Day Program

Monday Late Start  9:30-12:30, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30-12:30

Three Day Program

Tuesday through Thursday  8:30-11:30


Approximate Daily Schedule

Arrival and Settling In

Quiet Working Time –  Sensorial materials, practical life jobs, matching, painting or other art exploration, measuring, individual lessons, demonstrations of materials, math and literacy jobs and lessons, science projects, seasonal projects

Clean Up

First Circle –  Deep breathing, sitting quietly, singing songs, playing instruments, literacy lessons

Obstacle Course and Big Movement –  Trampoline, balance board, running, hopping, animal walking, yoga, stretching, dancing

Second Circle – Discuss calendar and weather, sing Good Morning in several languages, introduce new areas of study and materials, finger plays,  discuss jobs and the morning message, model writing, read books

Snack Time –  A child helps sets the table, and during snack there is conversation and storytelling, after snack, children wash tables, stack chairs, sweep the floor

Quiet Book Time –  Each child reads a book or listens to a story read by a teacher

Varied Activities –  Playing outside, walking to Pioneer Park, art projects, free play, constructions related to an area of study, music, rhythm instruments

Show and Share  Each Wednesday, children bring a toy from home, introduce it in circle, and then there is a time for sharing

Closing Circle –  Drumming patterns, musical instruments, singing, finger plays, games



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